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Online letter folder - Thanks to every one of the friends who provided these letters!

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These letters are designed to fit on one page of an 8x5 or larger college ruled notebook.

Here are some of Larry's Templates:

Larry's Scripture Only Templates

Larry's Holiday Related Templates

Larry's Tract Templates


T's Templates:

How do you view the Bible?

Hairs Of Your Head

John 3:16 Letter

God's Kingdom

Kingdom Letter 2

"KM Letter Edit 1

Who really controls the world?

Family Happiness Letter 1

Sickness Letter 1 (Suffering Tract)

Sickness Letter 2 ( Bible Study Course)

Sickness Letter 3 (No Liturature)


Death (H.B.)

Kingdom + Suffering (D.M.)

Sickness Letter 4 (D.M.)

mwb19 March p. 8 Sample Letter


Not At Home Messages

Message 1

Message 2

Mail or Leave at Door

Drafts - Not recommended to write just yet. Use discretion.

KM Letter Template 2 (EDIT)

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