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A letter highlighting the kingdom and what it will do for us

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Hopefully this letter finds you doing well and enjoying your summer.
Even though the news is full of controversies that divide and anger
people, this letter is sharing good news about the future.
Jesus gave us a composite sign to help us recognize that we are living
in the last days (Matthew 24: 3-14), but as you will see through
scriptures cited in the enclosed tract Will this World Survive?
the blessings of a peaceful new world in which sickness, death, and
suffering are things of the past will soon follow
(Revelation 21:4; John 5:28, 29).
To learn more about what God's Kingdom will accomplish the enclosed card
will take you to, one of largest free Christian websites in the
world. You will never be asked to provide personal information in order
to enjoy Bible-based videos, movies, and personal experiences. You can
also find practical advice on ways to deal with problems that persons of
every age and background face today, such as isolation, unemployment, and
illness. If you are interested in our Bible study program or have any
questions contact me at Best wishes to you and your household.

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