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Note: These prices are not firm, but are generally the
highest that will be charged in most cases for large riding mowers.
Prices will likely be lower for push mowers and other small equipment.

Base arrivel charge: $30

Hourly Rate: $20 (Only applied if the job takes longer than 1 hour from the time of my arrival)

Estimated Repair Charges:

Spring cleanup special: This includes the below listed services, with the
exception of winterizing, $30-50 + cost of parts

Oil Change, (Conventional or synthetic) Carburetor cleaning,
New Fuel Filter, New fuel line (If required) Fin cleaning/mouse
nest removal, and Spark Plug replacement (If needed)


Travel Charges:

The first 5 miles are free, and add ¢0.30 per additional mile. For example, Bakersville to Spruce Pine would add roughly $3.00, a very low price compared to others.

I will travel out of the county/state, but additional fees may apply for trips over 40 miles one way.


While these rates are general estimates, additional fees may be applied for events such as bee removal from the machine, excessive buildup of gunk on parts to be serviced, or other unusual inconveniences. I will not gouge you, nor will I charge you excessive amounts for other unexpected events. I try to keep my service charges low, and to deliver the best service to my customers. While unlikely, If I happen to miss something or do the job wrong, I will fix the mistake at no charge.

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